bandit signs

I recently put bandit signs out all over my city in places I would like to buy properties. I recieved very few calls from my signs and was just pondering if the time of the year (right now, right after holidays) could be the reason why I have not recieved many calls. Either way I plan on continually marketing my business and maybe as more people see my signs they will call. Any comments appreciated.

I think it is that time of year. I suspect that it will pick up again this week. I have had an ad in the paper for the last two weeks for another business that I do. (classified ad). It usually gets me on average 3 calls a day. The last two weeks I have not gotten 3 calls per 7 day period.

I think it has to do with the holiday season as well.

Thanks I am glad to hear that I’m not the only one having this problem

I know it had to be the holidays because even my response rate from my direct mailings was crap over the last two weeks. It’s just now starting to ramp back up again.

yeah, my call rate for direct mail yellow letters is about .03. Pretty crappy.