Bandit signs

I live in miami which has alot of intersections and id like to put my signs in the busiest intersections in town. Who would i call for this information?

Call to order signs or call to get permission to place them up?

Wouldnt the info be somewhere in the city records?

What type of information you want to call and ask about?

Which intersection in my county are the most populated day to day.

Forget the traffic stats to get the exact numbers, you aren’t designing a traffic light system. Go into the neighborhoods you would like to buy property in, put signs in the busiest intersection of that neighborhood. You’re overthinking something very simple.

oh ok… so lets start by what type of houses you are looking for and price ranges? are you looking to wholesale junkers, or buy sub2?


Ok so if you are wholesaling, you need to target older neighborhoods with house prices at or below the average in your town. Find the concentation of these houses and place the bandit signs near them since you will have much higher success rate locating rehabs.

Newer homes will need very little rehab and usually owed on them more than a wholesaler is looking for.

ok thanks


So if you are looking to do subject2 what type of neighborhoods do you look for?

Newer neighborhoods 1 to 5 years or so. These have higher chance of wanting to move, and not enough equity that they need equity back.


Thank you for your reply.

Ps- The bandit sings?

lol good eye…