bandit signs

Where could I order blank bandit signs to make my own?

Are you going to write on them with a black sharpie?

ha, but no. i’m going to cut out a template on a poster board and use it to paint the message on…so where can i get them?

I don’t use bandit signs. I think they cause more problems then they are worth. Plus it’s inefficient to pay someone to hang them everywhere when some idiot who feels like superman saving the world from evil signs will rip them down in a couple days.

However, I would recommend you go to a company who already makes them and offer to buy blank ones. That seems like a logical way to go about it.

That probably didn’t help you at all so hopefully someone else replies.


They have blank or not. They are fairly inexpensive. It is probably cheaper to order them already made. I did. They look neat. I have seen spray painted ones on the side of the road for a rental or two. I didn’t think they looked good.

Remember, I am sure you are trying to convey yourself as a professional. What will people really think if the signs aren’t really clear. (you can usually tell if something has been spray painted). Will they want to business with you? Just my 2cents.

But then again, I am sure that there are people out there that do not care.