bandit signs

i have put up bandit signs now for about 3 weekns going up friday and taking down on sunday the read as follows

fast cash-quick closing
we buy houses
“picture of a little house”
and then my phone number

they are white with blue letters and im only getting about 2-3 calls if that all weekend what do you think is wrong here i put them up on major intersections at stoplights and bus stop areas.???



Not sure what is wrong. Why not leave them up all week? The signs sound nice and affective. I have around 50 signs up right now and am getting 4-6 calls per week on them.


well i have tried to leave them up all week and no more of a response then if there up just for the weekn and also had a little call from the city saying they cant be up in the terrace area but can be on private property so basically weekend only to get away with it.


     When you say 4-6 calls per week is that per sign or total?

reo do you use the signs and what is amount response you get out your signs


I did not anymore I have a ton of Bird dogs that bring me deals now… I could make you some signs that would get you 80+ Calls per day! Trust me!

well i do trust you after reading most the replys you have on the board care to inlighten me or give me a little tip on what you would have on a sign because i do have signs and i am just not getting the attention off them that i would need to justify the time of putting them up


I would also be curious about a sign that is that effective.
I just recieved 100 bandit signs and I am not sure how many I should start with. I don’t want to over do it but I also don’t want to not get any calls.
Any Advise?

I hear you. I too am curious, I have not had my signs made, but I am looking at having those done this week. I would appreciate knowing what to put on them. I have not had any luck with the magnetic signs I put up 2 weeks ago.