Bandit Signs

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any Sign Company that you can pay to post your signs in your targeted market area. I am in the Dallas area and would need a Sign company in the area.



You can do a few different things.

  1. You can attach a message to the home builders signs in your area letting the people who put them out know you’d like them to contact you. They should get the message when they pick up the signs for the home builders.

  2. You can run an add in the paper.

  3. You can check the yellow pages and ask investors at your monthly meetings who they use.

Good luck.

As much as I hate to plug someone else’s business ;D try Good stuff from a really good guy! (not me)


Thanks all for your feedback! I got it.

I agree, contact David Alexander at He also is in the Dallas area, which is a benefit to you.



yes David is the guy…he posts on this site a lot too…you can find him here often.