Bandit signs

So between a few other forums and people ive talked to, ive grown to see a mixed opinion on bandit signs? What do you all think? Should I order some and plaster them around the city? Or not?

I also plan on starting a direct mail campaign later this week. Probably about 500 letters every 2 weeks… Its time to get started and stop reading/researching… What I havent found out now, I’ll find out when I get going :smiley:

You have nothing to lose if you go take your signs down before Code Enforcement does.

I once put a bandit sign in a vacant field next to a big church, I soon got a call from an angry property manager asking who gave me permission to put my sign on the church’s property. Of course me having a serious dislike for bossy loud mouthed females I replied, God gave me permission. Well, this female creature with an excess of male hormones was not to happy to hear that response. I had to hang up so as not to torture myself with her barrage of verbal expletives.
On one neighborhood that I’ve done 2 deals in I continued to place my signs on a telephone pole on a back entrance to the area.
It never stayed up long, So I kept putting them up higher. At one point I brought my alum extension ladder and placed the damn thing up about 12’ and used extra ring shank nails with washers. The next day it was gone.
I was paying a homeowner 25 buks a month to place a 4/6’ plywood billboard I made on an empty corner lot, painted it up with big block lettering, it had 4/4 posts and it was heavy. It kept being vandalized and moved around, I had to sledge some rebar into the ground to secure it and it finally came up missing. I build 6 of them, 5 ended up missing. The remaining one has been on a busy corner for 2 years now, someone moves it to plow and mow the area and they put it back.
So I’m not a big bandit sign guy, but I have made a ton of money off of them. I’m gonna order some more.