Bandit Signs

What is a good, fair price to pay someone to place Bandit Signs at intersections in my target area? I am a Wholesaler. Thanks.

I would say this depends on your budget and how many signs you want them to put up. I would say between $5 and $10. You want to have them snap a picture of each sign they place to help make sure they did their job. After they give you the pictures and you review them then you pay them.

Hope this helps :biggrin


Be careful that the Bandit Signs do not cost you more to take down…lots of places now have ordinances against them.

Yes, I was planning to have the Bandit Signs put out on Friday evening, and have them picked up late Sunday. Thanks for the info!

Make sure you’re using a Google Number linked to a “Track Phone”. They will never find you. "They can’t FINE you unless they FIND you.

Also check this out as well. The guy who created this- Changed my business forever- Awesome tool for any real estate investor. Tell him “Dee” sent you.

I got this idea to approach homeowners to nail up my bandit signs to their fences that face busy street corners. I’ll offer them an initial $20 and $500 if I buy a house that results from the sign.
the signs will be on private property and not liable to sign enforcement actions.
I didn’t think the homeowners wud want one of my hand scribbled signs on their property so I ordered a 100 pre printed colorful signs.
I just got my signs but havnt started yet, bcuz I’m leaving in a few days for a 4 month vacation. But I’ll jump on this plan as soon as I return.