Bandit Signs

Where can I find cheap bandit signs and how to use them effectively? Are 12x18 bandits signs effective? I have everything in place for wholesaling except for sellers, and I am trying to find motivated sellers. :cool is where I get mine and I don’t know if they are the cheapest but probably close to it. I am not sure about the effectiveness of 12 x18 signs , I tried them out but got very little out of them . I put out about 100 spread out but not much in calls. These are better for in the city as they don’t tick off the town as much as the 18 x 24s . Having said , I think the bigger ones are the way to go just don’t do them inside the city blocks to avoid the sign police calling you.

You can find lots of websites providing bandit signs at affordable price.

18"x24" size signs are the easiest to read as traffic is going by at 30-50 mph; even at major intersections when stopped in traffic, they can be seen from a far distance. 12"x18" size signs are less noticeable and should be used in areas where a complete stop is required, or in the inner regions of a neighborhood.

However, the 12"x18" size signs are generally not picked up by code enforcement officers as soon as larger signs. You can expect the 18"x24"s to last about the same amount of time as running an ad in the newspaper, but with much more exposure.

Good points!

If you can wash down your message to just a few words and a number the 12x18 should work. Still the 18x24 are much easier to read when you are advertising to moving traffic. seem to be the cheapest for the 12x18s at .98ea for 100, has them for .99ea

I would get a shipping estimate first to see if they compare at the end with shipping included.

If you want your signs to really stand out from all the other signs out there, make your own. Get fluorescent poster board and write a simple message (just a few words) in large black letters with one of those thick black markers. Use as few words as possible and make the phone number/website large and easy to read.

Use wooden stakes you can get from a hardware store and a couple thin strips of wood as cross beams to keep the sign from folding over. You can staple the signs to the stakes with a staple gun. Pound in the stakes with a rubber mallet. Sometimes pounding it in can cause the staples to tear through the paper. So have the staple gun handy when you’re putting it up in case you need to add more staples. Or you can use screws and an electric screwdriver to attach the sign to the stake after it’s in the ground.

from thousands of signs distributed i’ve realized that 12x18 are better… People seem to hate the real big ones and take them down fast… test your marketing, but a simple we buy houses and the phone number should suffice…

I love 12 x 18. 18 x 24 works also but just to cut in half and you have 2 signs. Test, test, test. :bobble