Bandit signs with a twist

I need HELP! Want to do bandit signs but not the same-old same-old that every other bandit is doing (I/We Buy Houses, yada yada).
Anyone have any ideas? ???
I’m open to anything not illegal nor profane!
In MD, so can’t have anything about foreclosure on them.
Thanks for your help!

Howdy Immy:

$500 Reward

For Info Leading us to BUY a House

Ted Jr 512-587-6177

May help I always look at wanted posters in Post Office.

This is not my original idea May or may not be legal???


Fast Clothes (24 seconds or less)
Discreet transaction. No one needs to know

Call XXX-555-5555

This might be illegal

Now that I like - definitely will get attention. But you’re right, don’t want the wrong kind of attention (i.e. the fuzz).

That is really a great idea! Maybe REO will use it and make another extra million this year ( ha ha). Just teasing, just teasing - settle down now!

No Immy I tried that 2 years ago did not get the calls I wanted