Bandit SIGNS!!!! will the track me down?

IF i put up bandit signs and have with a PHONE number to an answering machine. WHat is the likely hood of me getting fined?? Has anyone been tracked down?

Yes, most likely if the cops wanted to they can track you down with your phone number. They obviously have quick access to this information. Why not look up your city codes to see if it’s legal or not. Good Luck!

Yes, If it’s illegal to post these Bandit signs in your community, they have a department, that enforces the local ordinances.

The local police collect the information and pass it along to this department or agency of the city.

Posting signs with a phone number or website, are at your own risk. Like some of the other members of the firum have said, most of these enforcement offices don’t work on the weekends, so post them Early Saturday, and take them down on Sunday night, that way you save yourself some signs, and fines!

Good Luck!