Bandit Signs to find buyer?

I’ve ordered bandit signs in the past to find motivated sellers…has anyone used them to try and locate BUYERS for a specific property they have under contract? I’ve heard placing maybe 5-10 signs in an area close to your property advertising things such as " 30% OFF! Tons of Equity"…is a quick and effective way to get buyers…would like to hear if anyone’s ever tried this and what their experience was with it.

Thanks guys

I use handwritten signs not pre-printed ones to find buyers. Get your best deal and put it out everywhere thats how to find buyers with bandit signs. I used to use fake properties but it doesn’t work anymore at all hoses really are going for 20k who knew ok we all knew it was coming.

Yes. I use a sign that has a combo of both.

Its preprinted with text like “Lease to Own” and the phone number (easier to read when driving by vs hand written). I then have a large blank area where I can hand write any details I want to about the property. I then place them on the busiest corners and shopping centers as close to the property as possible. Check your local laws and I recommend using a phone number that is seperate from your company (tougher for people to harrass you or send you fines - but I dont condone placing “illegal signs” WINK WINK).

This method, in addition to newspaper ads, online postings, etc. is how I generate all of my tenant/buyer leads.

David Alexander, who owns, says when making signs, Print to Buy Houses, and Hand Write to Sell Houses.

David Alexander is a really nice guy, I’m a member of a forum he frequents daily and will answer all your bandit sign questions. Shoot me a PM if you want to know the site as I don’t want to post it here.

Why not post it here and share it with us?

Alex, I was internet marketing for another investor recently and all 3 of the homes sold came off of bandit signs. Herbster

Since it’s another forum I didn’t want to point people away from this fine site. If you search for Steve Cook’s forum you will find David there.

One that always works for me is

97% Financing
Problem Credit ok

That will get your phone ringing off the hook.

I agree with the handwritten signs to sell. Go for it. Don’t just place them by the house, you can place them within a mile or two from the house on busy streets. People do not mind living within few miles from where they are or from where they see the sign.

This year gov’t is giving back $8k for those buying houses. I just sold a house to couple, the $8k they get back will be part of the down payment.

Knowing that, if i put out signs, I would probably write something like “get $8000 back when you this house”. or if owner financing, “Owner Financing no credit or money needed” and then structure the deal accordingly. For the second one, I would still expect them to put a down payment and they get reimbursed by the gov’t. Never let someone in your house with no money.