Bandit Signs Legal in Texas???

We are a residential rehab and make ready contractor here in Fort worth Texas. Is it legal to post bandit signs? I have seen them everywhere. We also want to post signs for our rehab and make ready business as well as our we buy homes (for our investors). Also we want to do door knockers as well.


I don't think "Bandit Signs" are legal in any state and I certainly would not put your business name on them, and I would use a "Disposable Cell Phone" number as the contact.

Now door knockers are probable legal.


I live in Texas, and I currently have the police trying to ticket me for each one.

Residents and business leaders along the FM 1960 West corridor participated a training program to authorize them to remove signs placed in median right-of-ways, along roadways and those affixed to utility poles.

Sgt. Bart Stephenson, who serves in the training division of Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, conducted the training in coordination with Harris County assistant county attorney Cedric Loeb at the Champions Emergency Services District for about 30 volunteers.

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I think it’s great that you’re using guerrilla marketing to drive leads to your business.

To your question whether bandit signs are illegal in Texas, the answer is yes…

…unless you are will to pay the city for the use of a sign permit on each and every sign.

The use of the sign permit will covert your “bandit” sign into regular accepted signs.
I will never do this as it is cost prohibitive.

Good luck! :biggrin


I’m EXTREMELY partial to using bandit signs…Texas!

With that said, bandit signs are illegal in every county unless you apply for, pay, and affix a "sign permit to your signs.

As this is cost prohibitive, most real estate investors use bandit signs.