Bandit Signs in Connecticut?

There used to be numerous bandit signs along the Post Road in Connecticut. Now they are all gone. Before I make an initial investment, can anyone tell me if the towns are cracking down on this type of advertising?

Thanks in advance,

I’m north of you and I’m seeing many disappear, I think many of the wannabes are washing out in this more difficult market. I noticed one town cracking down, they were putting orange warning stickers on the signs. Strangely they did it on signs that people posted on their OWN private property.

Which town specically are you talking about on the Post road? I’m sure as with anything in CT it’s a town by town thing for the rules, as you know there’s no such thing as county based rules here.

Bandit signs have never worked for me. Spend your money in small town newspapers. You can exactly target the neighborhoods and demographics you want this way. Be prepared to let these ads rot in the newspapers. Remember…

They have to see it…

They have to remember it…

And they have to FIND it, when they NEED it…

That is how it works.

Thanks for the good advice.

Rich - in answer to your question regarding which towns:

The two towns most notably that I saw bandit signs were Norwalk and Milford.

First you saw them, then you didn’t! I know some belonged to the guys on A&E Flip this House - not so wannabees!

There may be other towns, but the towns I mentioned are towns where I shop and the signs were typically close to Home Depots.

My signs are going strong in the Hartford County area. I also think they last longer in the Winter time because the town does not like to go out and pull them down.

What towns are you running your signs in Aaron?