Bandit Signs: Does Size Matter?

I use 18x24 Bandit Signs that have worked well but I’ve noticed other investors in my town that use 12X18 signs and I can get double the number of signs I normally purchase for only $20 more.

Has anyone used the 12x18 signs and how have they worked?

My signs only say:
We Buy Houses

No matter what your girlfriend tells you size does matter! The greater distance you can read sign from the greater the effect. Spend the extra money it’s worth it.

Size and placement. I used pretty average sized signs and put them up on telephone poles at busy intersections so people at red lights could see them. I remember being in Chicago last year and seeing a HUGE We Buy Houses Billboard. So I guess it just depends on the situation.

I agree with Jared in placement is almost, if not more, important as size. Most bandit signs I see in my area are staked in the ground right at an intersection. Recently, I’ve noticed one person who decided to stake the signs about 15 ft. ftom the intersection facing the road, hoping people stuck at a red light will see the sign better than whizzing by at ‘xx’ mph.

If you are putting them up in the air like on trees, poles, fences then use 18 x 24 if you are going to use sign stakes on the side of the road then the 18 x 12 size will work great. Remember that the 18 x 12 are half the size and then contact information is half as big. What is 3 inches on the larger signs is only 1.5 inches on the smaller ones. Also consider that if you put them in the air you only need one sied printed. In the ground then consider 2 sided.
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I’ve always used 18x24 signs, and I nail them about 12’ in the air on the telephone poles at the intersection/ stop lights. If I can, I put several in the same intersection…attracts more attention. Do you put your website address on the sign also? Do you have a 24hr recorded message?