Bandit Sign Wars

I have a love hate relationship with bandit signs. I made 8 Grand off of one last summer. I then started placing some in the small town next to my city. I soon started getting calls from a guy named Mitch claiming to be a policeman telling me that I better take them down.
I ignored the warning. Soon Mitch was calling back and I went and took some of them down. Mitch calls back and wants to know my address, I asked what do you need that for, he says to come over and write you a citation.
I tell him, oh I don’t want to give you that, but let me get the rest of those signs down.
Now here in my city I’ve put up over 150 so far with no calls from the bandit police, and the problem here is some of these other sign guys will take my sign down and put there’s up. Or actually staple there sign on top of mine. When that happens I declare war, I remove their sign quickly. also when I see a competitors sign I will pull out my ladder and put my sign above his. My signs are more colorful and eye catching. They seem to hate that and my sign will soon be gone while there’s is still up. But, not for long. Lately I noticed they will put ther sign below mine but not mess with mine.
I get surprised when I drive by one of my signs and realize it’s been up for over 4 months.
I placed a few signs on some high dollar commercial lots on busy streets. Well, I believe the owner had to be quite well off and I was shocked when he calls me and says if I ever place a sign on one of his properties again he’s going to shove my signs up you know where. He sounded like an old guy too.

Sometimes I get suspicious calls wanting to meet me, I then ask what is the address of the house your selling and what is your name? If I get that info I will send it to my title company and verify he is the actual owner.
Sometimes these are vague, wont answer my questions and say they will call back. They never do…
I have another 4-500 signs to put up, I shud just hire a kid to do it for me and hav him take a photo of each one to verify he actually did it.
Lately it seems like this city is getting bombed with these signs, they are everywhere. Luckily I know 99% of these people will soon give up. It takes perseverance to succeed in bandit sign marketing, the sign that made me 8 Grand was up for a year and a half b4 it paid off.
One great thing is, I get calls from cash buyers, not that I need anymore, but it can’t hurt. Also other wholesalers call and introduce themselves. I’ve done several deals with a competitor. he found the deal and I have the buyers.
If you depend on bandit signs only, you got a long row to hoe.

I still am considering renting a bill board, or maybe I’ll get out on the busy street corner and dress up in a ridiculous outfit and shake and shimy an twerk with my sign.

Let’s make some MONEY…


I love the stories…

It’s good having someone tell the real story about finding deals.

It’s about having more than one hook in the water.

Very interesting Randoskie. However I doubt the fact that “Mitch” is in law enforcement. If he was and really wanted to know they have almost immediate acces to phone records and could have been at your front door with his citaton.

Keep’em coming…they are very interesting…good tales about someone out trying and MAKING $$$.

Hey Bill H, I use Google Voice, there is no address connected with that number.
But yea, I answer the phone with my name, So with that info he cud find me.
But I did have a girl call and left a message saying she was with the city and wanted me to move my small billboard off of a closed gas station corner. She had a shaky voice and didn’t sound confident and sounded kinda wishy washy. I ignored it and she never called back.
I rent an empty corner lot for 25 buks a month, my sign was getting defaced, graffiti and dragged around, finally it got stolen completely.
I soon built another one, and just recently it was taken also, they just took the 1/2" plywood, and the 2/4 frame is still laying there. I had used a sledge hammer to put in some stakes and then used 3" deck screws to deter the thieven mo fo’s.
Now I’m thinking of using 4/4 posts and concrete.
The land owner is the one that called me to alert me. We cudnt decide if it was my competition or the local homeless building a shelter or possibly kids using it for their skateboard ramp.
I spent about 40 buks to build these and it takes some time to paint and letter them. I’m getting agitated.
But, it’s kind fun trying to outsmart these punks.
Let’s make some money and have fun doing it.

Maybe add a couple fake video surveillance cameras too for good measure! :biggrin

lol, you may want to stop putting signs up for a while, getting a billboard is an excellent idea, although an expensive one However, no one can harass you over a billboard