Bandit Sign War!!

What to do when another investor is tearing your signs down and putting his in the same place.

I have been investing for almost ten years and thought I had seen it all. I am not the most visible investor in town, but I am receiving the attention of the biggest investor. This guy is either taking my signs down and putting his up or nailing his over mine.

I think he is trying to discourage me and I am not sure how to handle him. I have been told that he has done this before in years past whenever someone else became a threat to his territory. Since the signs are not legal I can’t call the cops. What should I do???


That’s a very good question, but “an eye for an eye” comes to mind.

I’ve been worried about this. I thought about putting up signs that say “we buy houses faster”, but they would probably pull those down too. It would be funny and probably get people to look as long as they were up though.

Well…I don’t know if you’d want to invest the energy, but you could…hypothetically call him and tell him to stop. And if that doesn’t work,

-Get a can of black spraypaint and spray over the phone number on all of his signs. Two wrongs dont make a right, BUT it does even the playing field. Or if you wanna get at em’ good…

-Have some vinyl covers made at your local sign company (one time my sign guy put the wrong number on my signs and he made cover ups with the right #) with your number on them (the same size and color as on his signs) and then place them over the phone number on his signs. He probably won’t even notice for a while.

-Or Just show up at his house and have a man to man conversation

Finally…you could just wait for the universe to even things out, you know what they say “Karma’s a bi$%h”

I’ve yet to have this problem but its always fun to brainstorm :- )

Good luck, but all is fair in love, war and business. I personally think those bandit signs are an Eye sore, and I would have no problem in removing the competitions signs if I used that tactic of advertising.

However, if it annoys you, you must have revenge. Do not go to his door. NEVER do that, this man is an aggressive individual by nature, do not approach him on his front door.

There are other ways to make his life hell, Best of luck…

Has the plumber showed up at his house in the middle of the night, has he gotten pizza, or any other deliveries? Join his name to certain mailing lists. Have the Mormons come by his house, Attempt to change his address. Etc, Send things to his place of work if he has another job. The entire bill me later and COD deliveries you can find. The list goes on and on. But never let them see you coming. Honor in battle will get you killed. Unless you feel like marching in a straight line, wearing your British army suit and beating a drum as you march through the open field, while I fire shot at you from the tree line.

Look up books on revenge, I use to use George Haydukes books when I was younger.

Nail your’s high up on the pole, high enough that he has to at least get a ladder to get them. Should at least slow him down some. Then make a few calls to him from payphones, etc and set up appts to meet with him regarding your house that you need to sell since you’re being foreclosed on. Make sure you give him a nice fake address and a cool phony name, nothing too obvoius like Dick Hurtz or Mike Hunt.

First off good idea Rich.

I would like to add this. Why not use real people instead of making up phony names and addresses. Then have him come over early on a Sat like 7:30AM. Or late at nite. Then after a couple of times, I would let him know it was you and that if he continues to rip down signs you will mess with him. Better yet, get his name and home address and send a couple of the We Buy Homes guys over to his house at 7:30. or late at nite.

Just an idea,

If you know where he lives you could nail a couple hundred of your signs to his house while he’s out pulling yours down.

Instead of wasting all your time and money in putting up signs he’s destroying, maybe just focus on an all out removal of his signs for a few weeks aggresively, then make an anonymous call to him, asking if he likes it and is sick of it yet and maybe a truce is had. ::slight_smile: