Bandit Sign URLs

I registered two unique URL domain names last year, and I wanted to use them for bandit signs.

They are:


I want to sell them either directly or via an auction. How would you recommend doing so?

Try ebay and see what happens. :anon I personally think the names are not professional but hey iamfacingforeclosure was huge. :anon

Honestly, I think you would be better off trying to sell your domains at the Domain Name Aftermarket from GoDaddy. Just type in ‘domain name aftermarket’ in Google and you’ll see it. It costs an annual fee (I think $5), but you may get a better offer as it is dedicated for people who want to buy and sell domains, unlike ebay.

Like THR2008 said though, the names themselves do not really seem that valuable. Usually, the smaller the domain name, the better chances it has of selling at a good price. But then again, that’s just looking at the domain. If you good traffic records on them and can show incomes/conversions/etc., they will sell much better. Best of luck and hope this helps.