Bandit Sign Thief… New Ways to Market!!

Hi all,
I just wanted to throw this out there for a quick laugh and to share a new marketing idea I have added to my arsenal. Over the last 2 weeks some guy has been taking my “We Buy Houses” bandit signs off of phone poles and putting his “We Buy Houses” signs up in their place. He has done this to about 20 of my signs. My initial reaction was to call him and ask what he thought he was doing, but the marketer and opportunist in me made me think there was a better way to take out my frustrations.
A few days ago I decided to take about two hours out of my day to take all of his signs (only the ones where he replaced my signs) and throw them in the back of my SUV. (Keep in mind I didn’t put my signs back up) I went out the next day and he had replaced about 4-5 of them, so I grabbed those up as well. I went to home depot and bought 1 can of white spray paint ($4.97), 1 can of blue spray paint ($4.97) and some stencils ($6.49). I went home and covered his phone number up with the white paint then stenciled my phone number with the blue paint to match his sign. This morning about 4:00a.m. I went back and replaced all his new and improved signs and also put my signs right above his. This morning he called my answering service screaming and yelling and vowing to get even with me. Now, I’ve never been a vindictive person, but he had crossed the line.

You see, bandit signs do work! and if you are creative enough, you can get your message out and do it very cheaply.

2 Hours of my time: Free
Gas for traveling: $8.00
Painting Supplies: $16.00

FANTASTIC good way for you to get even. Now with his remarks to you I’d go back to the signs you fixed and put on a BIG GOB of GREASE on the backside. Herbster

Man that made my night. Thats some funny $*$#

I forgot where I saw it, but it was a youtube video of someone who had a similar problem, only they took a little different strategy.

The guy who kept getting his bandit signs destroyed was from a former employer. So, to get even, he asked a bunch of his friends to monitor his signs and film any odd activity.

Before you knew it, the employer was destroying the guy’s bandit signs again, only this time it was caught on tape. The guy then called the cops, gave them his friend’s recording of the bandit sign vandalism and the employer was arrested.

Funny thing was, when the employer was asked to comment, he said he didn’t do it and had no idea what they were talking about. This was on the news. Funny stuff.

I don’t know about you guys, but bandit signs aren’t allowed where I live (Los Angeles). I called the city about business signs and they prohibit them. Did you guys ask? Or just ignore the rule? I’m just curious since I’m facing this problem.

rlchu: Chances are a lot of people just disregard any rules about bandit signs (if they are applicable). Have you seen any bandit signs in your area?

It’s like they say: it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. If you see any bandit signs in your area, I would monitor them and see how long they are up. They are allowed in my area though, so I don’t have this problem.

Rich, They’re not allowed in my area either. Just put them out Saturday morning and remove them Sunday night. Herbster

have as many people call him up with excellent numbers (40-60% ARV) and schedule for him to come take a look at the house. Except, give him random house addresses and just let him show up at few wrong doors. He will most likely hate investing in that area quickly :slight_smile:

It is sad that some new investors think this is a competition and they have to “kill” the competition by taking their signs down, or trying to give them bad reputation where they would best benefit if they got to know them and passed deals to each other.

I knew an investor who used to target my neighborhood, and I see his bandit signs when you drive in, and drive out the street leading to my house. I also know he has gotten few deals in my community. I did not put my signs up in the area out of respect to him.

I saw his signed down once, and I called him to tell him his signs are down and I would have put them back up for him but had no time. He came and set them in place again.

I can easily ask him if he find deals he does not want or has the capacity to do, to pass it my way and I’ll give him referral fee if it goes through. He now knows me well, although we have not stayed in touch.