Bandit sign STICKERS

Anyone know where I can order bandit sign STICKERS?

I’ve seen them locally, attached to the bottom portion of street signals.

They measure about 12"x12" and say something basic like “AVOID FORECLOSURE 555-555-555”.

They stay attached for months and would be great in prime intersections. Something to add alongside the typical bandit signs that get removed within a few days.

Anyone know where to order?

You can print them yourself, with an inkjet printer. Get papilio printable vinyl. You print them then order some clear vinyl that papilio also has, to put over the vinyl, so the ink won’t run when it rains. I’ve made some myself and put them in bars, and clubs for an apparel company I started. We got a bunch of traffic off of them. You can even print up QR codes.

I’m pretty sure you can get them at

I would like to see a picture of what you’re talking about