Bandit Sign Results

I’m considering making an investment in signs and I’d like to get a feel for their impact and results. What types of call numbers increases have you seen…by the way I’m in the Wash DC area.

Check this thread out,26122.0.html

Oh, and signs is a cost not an investment :slight_smile:

Investment…cost…to-may-to…to-mah-to. I’m guessin’ you’re a glass is half empty type of guy. :biggrin

Usually I am :slight_smile: but in this case, it is clasisfied as the “Cost of Doing Business.” advertising in itself is a cost for the business and you deduct it from your profits to get the Net Opetating Income.
You have to advertise/market, but that doesn’t mean the more you advertise, the more money you will make thus it is a cost :slight_smile: