Bandit sign police are after me…...

I put out 100 bandit signs, 20 per zip code. And well… The bandit sign police called my google voice number off the bandit signs. He wants me to take them down or else, I’ll get a ticket for each one. Obviously I don’t want to take them ALL down.

I have some that have stayed up for 6 months, and no one has complained about. I want those to stay up… The guy wouldn’t tell me which ones needed to be taken down. Theres no way I can get these things down, otherwise I’ll be getting tickets tomorrow according to him. Which I did some research and found out he is a cop, indeed…

What should I do?!?!?

I hear google voice is untraceable, unless they get a warrant.

Kowboy K…I think you are a bit mistaken. With today’s technology virtually everything is traceable.

PRIVACY as we once knew it is GONE!

If I were you, I would call the bandit sign police and tell them that you are actively taking all the signs down and to check in a couple of days and they will all be down.

Just as a matter of info…if you have ever been fingerprinted, your prints are probably on the signs and it takes less than a minute to identify you and then if you have a driver license, own a vehicle, etc.,…they got you.

Take them down…and…if you feel lucky slowly put them back up.

People in my neck of the woods use billboard signs…how effective…do not know but it is safe.

I would promise to take them down, but do it slowly. The sign police will remove them for you, if you’re slow enough.

Meantime, drive by your sign placements, and keep track of which signs are removed, and which ones aren’t. This will tell you where the sign police aren’t ‘patrolling.’

Some areas are sticklers, and other areas could care less, even if the rules are the same.

So, if you’re slow enough to remove this first batch, you can see which areas are lax and which areas to watch out for.

That said, it pretty normal to put up signs on Friday evenings, and take them down on Sunday evenings, if you want to keep out of trouble, but get your message out. The sign police don’t work weekends.

Also, signs that just stay up, become invisible after a while. They need to be changed out once in a while. People stop noticing them. So, a sign that goes up and down regularly, will be noticed by more people, more often.

As far as finger printing the signs and all, I’ve never heard of a codes administration ever spending the kind of money, and time, on a nuisance issue. They can barely keep up with graffiti artists, weeds and trash, much less doing forensic crime investigations on bandit sign posters. This just does not happen.

What will happen… the codes administrator will call on your sign, pretending to be a seller, and set up an appointment for you to see his property. You show up, and start asking questions about the property; he reveals his identity, and issues you a citation, on the spot, for posting illegal bandit signs. Whoopsie.

Another thing you can try to get around the sign police, to find private property that faces a busy street, and pay the owners to place your sign on their property for a fee. $10/week is a great start. That’s $40/mo. It’s usually not illegal to post on private property, where you have permission of the owner.

Some sellers will want ‘nicer’ signs posted, before they let you post signs. So adjust. Maybe you can post the less organic-looking (professionally printed) signs on the “paid lots” and post the more organic-looking ones (handwritten) on the weekends?

Meantime, it’s public property where you’ll usually have the problems posting during the week.

Hope that helps.

Appreciate the advice. I think they are trying to lure me in with a fake deal. I just got the most sketchy call from some guy at 11pm tonight. He wouldn’t tell me the address or any details on the house. We are suppose to talk tomorrow. I’m going to be real cautious on this one. I’ve never got a call like this, before.

Nah, it’s probably an actually ‘sketchy’ caller.

The sign police call during business hours. They definitely won’t call at 11 p.m. They’re not that dedicated (or work for free).

I routinely get a property address, and the name of the owner, so I can perform a property profile and confirm comps, before meeting with a seller. This way I’m not wasting time talking to anyone, but a legitimate owner, and I know my limits on what I can pay.

Meantime, until you’ve been abusing the codes administrator like he was at a Michael Jackson sleepover, you’re not gonna have much risk of becoming the subject of a sting operation. Just saying.


Agree taking them down slowly would be advisable