Bandit sign location

im new to the game ,and found a farm area i really like , but theres allready signs posted at a 5 mile radius there “we buy houses”. is it still a good iedea to put my signs there as well or look for a new area.

My thought is that it is a very good idea to put signs where there are others because investors typically leave their signs up where they get calls.

so follow other investors tracks, sounds good. thankx

Heavy traffic sections are the best. You should expect to get alot of nast calls but that is a part of using these types of marketing tools. It is best to setup some kind of voice system. You can normally get a cheap voice messaging system through your local telephone company.


Just throwing marketing ideas out, but I think you should make your bandit signs stand out over the rest i.e. make them the most loud, obnoxious fluorescent colors you can find and say something other than “we buy houses cash”. If you use the same tired, worn out phrase your competiton uses you will blend in like camoflouge fatigues in a forest. Come up with something unique and then make it jump out at everyone…in the same intersection your competition is putting signs out at!

  Best Wishes,
                       Sean Flanagan

I’d have to agree with Lucky on this one. All you need to do is differentiate yourself from the competition. Make your sign bigger, use strong and bold colors, and ideally offer a specific guarantee or unique selling point. If you just do what everyone else does, you will never have a competitive edge.

Then again, you can just get a big sign and place it in front of all your competitors :biglaugh. jk

true…you could put a big sign in front of your competitors. Only thing is you may start a big “sign war”. I know you were just kidding but so many people out there think that’s the thing to do. Or- better yet, they just pull your sign out of the ground :banghead. Before you know it, everyone is driving around town throwing everyone elses signs away. Non productive and bad karma.