Bandit sign help

Once again I am back to this sign business. I know I’ve been trying to push this bandit sign campaign going, but the cost was just too high. to get 400 signs I will need to pay $1000, and on top of that I need to pay people every week to go out and post them, my estimate would be additional $75 per week. An 8 week campaign would cost me $1600 total. That’s a huge jump from $0 internet marketing I’ve been doing.

Alternatively, I’ve also thought of making my own signs, which would probably cost me $350 for 400 signs, and also more time. But then the weekly cost to hire someone would go about $100 per week, because hand made signs are harder to put up. An 8 week campaign I estimate would cost me $1150 total.

Now I haven’t tried neither because I don’t know which one works better, and I simply don’t have time to do signs myself anymore because I am so busy, any hints?

If you do make your own signs, you can divide an 18-24 sign into 2-4 signs which can double or quadruple your cost effectiveness. Do I would say break the signs down into smaller signs so you will continue saving money. Then you can at least try this method before you make a financial decision on what to do.

I don’t think the size of the sign matters because if you are marketing to buy houses all you need in the message is “We Buy Houses” then your telephone number. You can also buy stencils and spray cans since you are in fact saving money to try even options.

Good luck!1

Why do you pay so much? i pay $1 per sign and $1 to put it up… these are 12x18…

I get those signs that comes with metal stand, which runs at $2.5 each when buying in bulk.

What kind of signs do you get for $1??

I get the corrugated plastic ones without the stand… i stopped using the stand since it’s pretty easy for people to take them off… I put them high on poles… i used the 12x18 because the big ones tend to split in half by the wind… yardsign wholesaledotcom has good prices

without the stand the signs come pretty cheap, but most poles here are concrete, so I can’t really just nail those signs in. Also, signs on poles attract city officer pretty fast.

In the business of bum marketing you have to be savvy and creative my friend. there are so many diffrent ways that you can use bandit sign bum marketing to get the word out about anything you are selling. Its not just about real estate.

However there are really cheap ways to get signs made. For instance, 11 x 17 paper printed out with your message, message designed in photoshop or paint (free) 11.5 x 17.5 lamination pouches. Mend the two together and they will render one good looking sign,

Place these signs in a h wire stake and post all around the city. You don’t have to use chloroplast all the time. If you want to, just make sure you find a wholesale chloroplast dealer in your area and go and pick them up yourself instead of paying retail. :beer :biggrin

Go to and get a sign for 1.29 and get the horizonal flutes and then get home depot to price match the wood stakes
h.d. comes in a 12 pack and lowes is more in a package but cheaper ind. in price

Bandit Signs 101

#1 - Stay legal. You can’t build a long term successful business by breaking the law. It will catch up with you.

#2 - Do your research. You can purchase Coroplast for fraction of “retail” that most places sell them for. 30 minutes on the internet can cut your marketing costs to a fraction. Buy in bulk to get the best prices.

#3 - Value your time. If you want to scale, it’s important to figure out what your time is worth. Paying a college kid to place signs in most cases is worth every penny. In addition, there are companies (mostly used by home builders) that place signs on Friday and pick up on Sunday - a great option depending on code enforcement rules.

#4 - Use wooden stakes. Cheaper than the metal ones, and easy/faster to place.

#5 - Track your marketing. Use a trackable phone # to figure out what’s effective.

#6 - Know your message. Keep the sign simple. Here’s the one our clients use to GREAT effect…