Baltimore City Private and Hard Money Lenders

Many of the private and hard money lender questions in the forums focus on lenders whose operations are national, which is okay. However, I recently came across 15 properties in Baltimore, Maryland, that are available for purchase and rehab. Traditional mortgage companies are hesitant about financing in Baltimore.

So how do I research and find private and hard money lenders that will fund purchase and rehab opportunities in the Baltimore city area without credit checks, employment checks, W2s, etc.?

My search for financing has been so frustrating. Has anyone else faced this problem in Baltimore? How have you dealt with it?

There are a few hard money lenders that operate on a national basis. They do not check income/assets and credit can be as low as 500. Their main focus is that you can purchase the property and and fix up within 70% of the after repaired value. The loan also has to be enough to cover the costs and payments.

The great thing about these lenders is that not every guideline is ethced in stone. Having multiple purchases may be ok if you can show that you have the crew to get these done in a short period.