Bailout - Whats your Take on it?

OK on the $787 Billion Dollar Governmenat Bailout - Whats your Take on it? :help

B.S. A complete waste of taxpayers money and money we don’t even have, we must borrow. We may never recover from this farce in my opinion.

Plus the $75 billion they unveiled today to “help stem foreclosures”. I’m not sure if it’ll help much as most people are so underwater that modifications,etc aren’t going to help much I don’t think…

Seems kind of like a free ride for people that don’t deserve it.

For an investment standpoint it doesn’t really seem fair as homebuyers that bought during the boom are being subsidized, while it is still difficult for today’s investors to get into the market, because of strict lending guidelines ,etc.

Homebuyers even if they lived in the home were also speculators, no doubt about it. People thought they could easily double or triple their money by buying a home.

This seems like it sends the message to that “The government will always be there to bail you out…so it is ok to make risky decisions”