bad time of year to wholesale?

I live in NH would fall and winter be a bad time of year to wholesale?

There is money to be made in any season if you ask me. It is what you make of it.

When looking for vacant properties there are certain things you look for that are the tell tale signs of a vacant home.

For example in the fall the tell tale signs are the “jungle” growing in the front yard, the trash, missing the meters on the side of the house etc.

In the winter time some of the fall strategies might be hard but a really good one is using the snow to your advantage. I am sure it snows pretty well in your area so if you see a property that hasnt been plowed, there are no footsteps and the mail is still by the side of the road you might of found yourself a winner.

Hope this sort of answers your question.

I agree that a successful entreprenuer will make the best of any season.

Something that has been of interest to me in my market (northern midwest), is that builders with spec houses seem to really get in trouble around this time of year.

If they havent sold thier spec, and little sells here to consumers in the winter time, they have no revenue comming in as they cant logically rent a spec thats for sale, they have to heat it and maintain it for showings (plow snow, etc), they end up giving them away come about Feb or so.

Maybe not as important for investing as for looking for a home for ones self.

Will there still be a plentiful amount of buyers? I know that people prefer not to move in the winter. So for a rehabber that is trying to flip the house in 3 months that he bought in september he’ll fall into the christmas season. Will they have to make adjustments to their numbers for a longer holding period?

Yes I think that you will need to make some slight upward adjustments to your holding time.

Also, consider the cost of winter maint, heating, and find a way to get buyers to want to go out looking for property when its cold out and the days are shorter

In my opinion there is no bad time of year to wholesale. I have sold the them in every month of the year. The key is having the right investors in your database. Once you find the five or six real players in your market, they will be calling you to find out if you have any deals. My friend, Jimmy Reed, always says that opportunity only lasts five minutes. That is true any time of the year.

Brandon Lambert