Bad Credit

Get good credit and keep it. If not you are walking around with a “I’m stupid” sign on your back. It is like they have determined that a person with bad credit is so stupid that they can do anything to him.

You can imagine why I love financing people who can’t get home loans. I love credit challenged customers.

I dont have any credit. I got like 13K in the bank… but no credit cards or anything… looks like I better change that! :banghead

Congrats on having the self-discipline to save. However, you should get a credit card or two to help you start building credit. Do an internet search on “improving your credit” and learn use the cards responsibly.


To avoid bad credit, I pay first the debts with high interest rate. Also, I made sure that my expenditure is less than my total income.

Always best to borrow and pay off every month, without incurring massive amounts of interest at the same time. It’s a bit of a balance but you can build your credit quite easily with a little bit of effort.

I forgot you were from Houston, BlueMoon06.

Do you remember “Marvin Zindler” with “Eye Witness News”…which I think is the ABC news affiliate?

I watched that guy as a kid down there in Houston, and he is someone you couldn’t forget. LOL.

Marvin Zinder died back about 3 or 4 years ago. He was a great story because his family was rich so he didn’t have to worry about his boss liking him or doing a story that would impact his future livelihood. They owned the finest men’s clothing store in Houston (back when men wore nice clothes not just something cover their butts).

If you ever heard about the Broadway play "Best Little Whore House in Texas” or ZZTop’s song La Grange. They are both about the whore houses in La Grange Texas called “chicken ranches”. Marvin Zindler did an investigative story on them and caused a big deal shutting them down.

He was a real character.