Bad Credit Need Help

I have a 437 score; looking to take out a Home Equity Loan.
Can anyone assist me with a lender who will lend.

What LTV are you looking for?

Unfortunately ,with your score you are not going to find a conforming lender who will loan funds. You might want to try a hard money lender .

Greetings! I am told by local real estate club there are hard money lenders, just have to research them out. Also check with your local real estate investing club. Usually there are several private money lenders that are members. Actually it is a grand idea to join your local real estate investing club. Thats where you will make contacts. I have found there are investors out there who are willing to help a potential investor turn his or her first deal. I intend to do just that then get my own credit corrected by paying off all my debt! hope that helps.

thanks, I’ll try e-mailing my local investment club…

There is a possibility of help for you.


thanks, I’ll give them a try.