Backup Generator?

Hi all! We are looking at potential refurb’s in rural MD. Wondering if there is any ROI by installing a backup generator, particularly for homes that use wells. Anyone done something like this?


Depends on a number of variables.

  1. What is the price per KWH paid to the local utility company?
  2. How many KWH does the generator produce per Gallon?
  3. Purchase price of the generator?
  4. Usefull life of the generator?
  5. KWH/Year used by appliances/mechanicals powered by generator.
  6. A major variable is the price per gallon of gasoline.

Renewables are starting to show a ROI for some applications. If the property is in a rural area you may want to look into a small wind turbine. Wind turbines are currently the cheapest source of renewable energy. State grant money and 0% loan subsidies are available for renewable projects.

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate your input. Have a great day!