Back to back closings in Dallas?

Does anyone know of a good title company in Dallas (preferably in East Dallas, Mesquite, Garland, Sunnyvale or Forney - but anywhere in Dallas would work if you recommend them) that does back to back closings?

I was actually wondering the same thing. I’m looking for a whole power team here in Dallas. It’s a great place to invest, but you need the right support. I’m looking for a mortgage broker, a licensed realtor (that is also an investor), a great accountant, RE attorney, and a property manager. Help anyone?

mcwagner is a regular on here (when he’s not flooded with fixing corporate accounting files). He’s a CPA in the Dallas area. He handles our business and personal taxes even though we’re not local to him.
christopher w is a moderator on here who is a mortgage broker in Dallas.

Now a “power team” is the way to go. You are in Carleton Sheets, get-rich-fast-in-real estate mode I see. The trick to getting a good powerteam is to call all the attorneys, real estate agents, property managers and accountants in the phonebook and find the ones that will work for free for just a piece of the action. And even if you have no money and bad credit - there should be nothing standing in your way. Before you know it - the real estate agent is doing all of the work for you, the attorney is closing the deal, the property manager is taking care of all the problems and your accountant is busy adding up your wads of cash and mailing you checks. I know lots of guys who made $500k+++ their first year in Dallas. Just keep reading Carleton’s stuff and you will be rolling in money before you know it. No kidding!

Well, maybe I am kidding. =)

Thanks for raising the necessary question in due time. I hope i’ll have a better thing in Dallas to do. Meet you there. Nick Brian.