Back Link trading (SEO purposes)

Not sure if this is allowed but I have a small group of people that swap back links to each others websites. We link to each others market we care nothing about. Like I’m in Atlanta and have no issue linking to a Texas market. I have both investor and realtor websites. Post below or send PM if interested.

i sent you a PM

That’s what I heard from an Investor Carrot coaching call. It will be efficient if you create a directory page on your website so that it will be more practical.

Another way to get backlinks is to write articles and reach out to reporters.

This is kinda what we do. Shoot me a PM if you want in’

I’m interested and sent you a PM. Notice me please

In order to get backlinks, you need to research some free website which you can link your own website. Hope this help :slight_smile:

We can trade retail site back links as well to Agent sites.

Can you give more details about this?

You can trade links, but unless the person you are trading with has a high domain authority, it won’t make much difference in improving your own authority.

It sounds good! I can tell you more about this. I would be interested to participate in this, but the guys from are doing the work so well. Talking to one of my friends I asked him how he did to grow so fast his website. He said, you just need a good website according to SEO standarts and an incredible team as dominators. They get traffic, right visitors and convert these visitors. More details you may found on their website who is interested.

Sorry I’m not on here much send me a PM