baandit signs do and donts

OK. you experienced investors that use bandit signs, what are some of the do and dont’s, what is legal what is not, what works what does not, is it ok to put your business name on your bandit sign… not sure if the rule is different from state to state… I am in florida…

What is legal and what is not depends on your town, county or state regulations. Often they aren’t legal, hence the name “bandit.”

The regulations definitely differ by city. Many times you see investors put them out on the weekends and take them in during the week. Other investors in my area use the smaller ones up high on telephone polls which usually last a while.

What is a bandit sign??

Bandit signs a.k.a - “We buy houses” signs, “Avoid foreclosure”, etc. They are cheap vinyl signs that investors post on curbs and telephone poles in the area they are marketing to. They contain phone numbers and sometimes a web address. Check out for examples.