Azam Meo or Manny Protopapas

Has anyone heard of or personally had any dealings with Azam Meo or Manny Protopapas? I was considering buying one of their programs. I’m trying to find the best program for the least amount of money and want legitimate information without paying guru prices.

Thank you for your help!

12-5-05. I am also looking for the good and the bad, the ratings, and insights on a real estate “guru” or “mentor” named Azam Meo or Manny Protopapas of Indiana and about his program, mentorship, classes, and products. Appreciate any and all info. Thanks. From Vallejo-Roy.

Azam - never received any responses to my questions, so I did not purchase any of his materials. Manny - bought his materials and they were worthless. All of his information can be found by yourself on the Internet.

Azam is or was a student of Joe Crump I think, thats all I know of him. Manny I’ve never heard of him.

But you can get all the info you need here on this site FOR FREE!!! If you can’t find what you need here from all the articles and posts all you have to do is post your question and I’m sure Tedjr, Robb (reoconsultants), Keith or some one will answer your question. All of these guys are VERY knowledgeable and are eager to help. Don’t waste thousands for mentors when you can get better service here. It’s always good to buy materials to further educate yourself but really look into what you’re interested into buying. I’ve bought John $Cash$ Locke’s Sub2 course and it’s good. I’ve bought Robb’s book mentor2lunch and it’s got some very creative things in there. But most of the things that I’ve learned came from this site for free by asking and reading!!

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Dear Investors:

I am one of those people that is very cautious before buying any product/service.Read the link

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks and good luck

I love links like that!!

Let’s not recommend anyone but myself and from there my sales should go up!!!

I do agree with some of them on the other hand there is no need to bad mouth the competition!

AND FOR ONLY $399.95 you can learn her ways!!

The thing to keep in mind is you can learn everything you need to know from your county court house…

Call them and get the list right from them… You want to see a DENVER METRO AREA Colorado list just let me know I can e-mail them weekly. If not call your Public trustee they can get you your list for your area… BUT WHY? That is the question there are better ways the thing to keep in mind is you want to get there before your competition. Like a week before. Learn to short sale that is the key to making money in foreclosures. And get to them first not last or even with the other 10,000 mailers they got! They always say on mailers you get about a 1% responce well uh YEAH if you had 100 pieces of mail in your mailbox a day you might call one! Not good odd’s huh!!!

Get to them proior to anyone else! now how are you going to do that?

I would not buy her books for a dime! But there is some truth in those lists for anyone who has been duped. Iam one of those unlucky ones…

Some of the responses here are pretty baffling. That link with people to avoid pretty much had everyone. The problem here is that many people buy a course and think that alone will make them rich. People don’t realize that to be successful in anything it take massive action. I have purchased many many courses and I can honestly say that there isn’t one that didn’t at least have one great idea that over my lifetime will more than pay back the cost of the course. You get out of something whatever you put in. That being said there are definitely courses that are better or worse than others and so you should do research on them. However just because a couple of lazy people who have a get rich quick mentality bash a “guru” doesn’t mean their course does not have value. Just had to get that off my chest after reading some of those ridiculous posts.