Awesome Marketing Program!!!!!

I found an awesome marketing program for real estate that really works. I’ve only closed on one product but I never would have done it without this program and the help from this website.


" - ClickBank ID = homeflip

Make a KILLING in the real estate sector! Charrissa Cawley Is The Only Power Investor That Is Willing To Share Her Millionare Tactics During This Crazy Recession. Get On Board The Market Is Buzzing!

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Network: ClickBank ID = homeflip
Payment Type: Check & Wire Weekly or Bi. Cookie Period: 60 Days"

Apparently she could not make it as an investor, so she sends you on this site to Board Hustle for her. We do not call closing on a deal a product.

John $Cash$ Locke

I don’t know if I’d be so quick to judge Charissa Cawley on this one. Anyone can promote this if its on clickbank. The problem is that some people just have bad marketing habits.

I just looked at Charissa’s affliate section and here is some of what she says about advertising her products in forums:

Remember, NEVER flat out spam or type ‘CLICK MY SIG - etc.’ - instead, when you participate in forums, offer valuable advice - ONLY post the BEST posts, and you WILL get clicks on your sig links. Make them bold, colored etc. to stand out more. Forum ethics are important, and you want to build rep not just spam a product so start great topics, respond to BUSY posts with lot’s of views and get your 2 cents in there every day.

My thing is that affiliates who go against this may make some money, but they won’t be known for providing value by simply spamming. If they would take the time to give massive value, then they would receive massive value.

maybe this link should be removed if its an issue though…



Chairssa’s web site first went on the internet 2 months ago, so I doubt there is anyone who purchased her program has any valuable advice or productive views concerning real estate investing.

As a Moderator sometimes by pointing out a post that is plain out Board Hustling others will think twice before they tell the posters here how great and awesome there new program is.

Just by removing the post will not help get the point across for those who do not abide by the Forum Rules and they will think twice before they try it.

John $Cash$ Locke


Copyright Disclaimer

She also states you can be prosecuted for copying from her site, so the information you pointed out in bold print was copied from her site and did you receive permission to copy and print this?

I totally agree with where you are coming from John.

My only thing was that I think the actual “Board Hustler” should be slammed rather than the author of the course.

Also, I only suggested that the link be removed…not the posting. I think this is a good lesson to any lurking board hustlers who might think about making the wrong move. It also shows that REIClub’s Moderators are on top of it…as always!

-J.Lamar Ferren

ps… I’m sure I’ll be ok regarding the small copy :cool Just presenting the facts…

How to work this program tell me in details

This program is Good For “The affiliate Marketer”!!
Pretty Good Deal!! :beer