Avoid tenant during eviction?

We are in the process of our first eviction. Court is scheduled for August 7th. Prior to our tenant being summoned, but after we had filed the complaint, the tenant contacted us to discuss his rent options (he supposedly was going to get rent assistance). When we were there he pointed out a problem with a window. I already knew the windows needed replacing but was putting it off for as long as possible. Considering the condition of the windows I will now be replacing at least this one
However, after talking with the rent assitance agency ourselves we learned that the agency would only cover 1/4 the rent. We declinded that option and are proceeding with the eviction. I would like to go to the house to measure for replacement windows but think it might be better to avoid any confrontation with the tenant. Would you wait until the tenant is gone? Would you just call him and say you’re coming over to measure and hope for the best?

I appreciate any advice,

If you think the window is a safety issue or a habitability issue, then I would give the tenant the property legal notice and go fix it (or at least appear to be in the process of fixing it). If the window is not a safety or habitability issue, then I would wait until the tenant is gone. There is no point puitting a new window in so that the tenant can break it unless is’t currently a safety issue.

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Do you have any friends/contacts that are contracters or handymen? Maybe you could send one of them over, that way you’d personally avoid the tenant AND still get the windows taken care of.

It is like when you have a W-2 job the performance review and the salary review are 2 separate conversations. Your performance is determined by how well you met your goals. Salary administration has other issues like profitability and where you are on the salary range for your job grade etc. The tenant paying the rent is like performance. You pay it or you don’t. It is not dependent on me doing maintenance.

Repairs and tenant paying rent is ALWAYS 2 separate issues. I never discuss any other issues when I am talking about rent. They always bring up issues when I ask them about late rent, I deflect the conversation and come right back to the rent.