"avoid foreclosure" yard sign locations


I’m getting ready to put out some “avoid foreclosure” yard signs around town on weekends only(hopefully before the city signs commission catches up with me).

anybody have any great experiences with that? i.e. location that may have done a lot better than other in terms of making the phone ring, like near a Wal-Mart parking lot on a sat?

just curious. it’s always great to learn from others. I’m sure I’ll hear negative stories, too.

I am not sure that putting up signs that you know are illegal is the best way to do business. It’s a good way to invoke the wrath of the city and it can become costly. Sure you want to do that when later on down the line you may need to do some building and for the smallest thing you’ll have the inspectors up your who-ha? Just a thought.

how do you distinguish yourself from those money lenders who also advertise on paper “prevent foreclosures” ?

I’ve put up several rounds of signs in my area (NE Ohio) and I have had very good call to sign ratios when my signs have stayed out for more than a few days. On my first run, I put out roughly 10-12 signs on highway off ramps and in a few well-trafficked intersections. They stayed out for about 2 weeks and I got around 10 calls. My idea on placement was to put them where people would be driving through to get to the areas I wanted to invest in.

The problem I am having now is that my signs are sometimes getting taken the very next day!! I have never received a call from anyone telling me that I am breaking any laws, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t get them yet. I guess I figured I would claim ignorance and offer to pick them up ASAP.

Hope that helps!