average size house that you wholesale

What is the average size house that evey one wholesales?  In my area a 1200 sf split entry goes for $250k.  I haven't started looking for buyers yet, but it seems it may be harder to find cash buyers at that price.

The size does’nt matter,its the price that you negotiate down to.Lets just say that you found a house made out of gingerbread (say 500sq.ft. gingerbread house) and the other gingerbread houses are selling for $ 500 (in that area).So you see one that either has bite marks on it or you see the owner guarding it from being eaten.The owners tired of cooking up more gingerbread and fixing it,or she’s tired of guarding it ( kids eating her out of house and home),so she says give me $ 250 and you can have it.It may only need about $50 worth of gingerbread to bring it back up to bakery standards.So you mark it up just a little but stay under 75% ARV and find you a buyer and sell it.

why am i suddenly very hungry? :stuck_out_tongue:

The size does’nt matter
LOL. Yeah, keep thinking that…

The size does’nt matter.Its not the size of the worm,its the wiggle in it that makes the deal,LOL!