Average Profit?

Realistically, what is your average profit when you wholesale a deal?

I know the guru’s all talk of pocketing $10-15k per wholesale, but from my experience that’s not the norm.

So if you don’t mind sharing what you see, or what you do - I’m curious.

There are many variables to how much profit is in a deal and of course location and price points are two big one.

That being said, you can increase your wholesale fees by decreasing your asking/contract price.


okay…thanks for the response, I think.

If noone wants to say what they make on a wholesale deal, what about what you have seen others in your area making?

What do you think is a reasonable profit on a wholesale deal?

nobody wants to say what they have seen or think is reasonable for profit on a wholesale deal?

It really depends on the numbers of the deal and the price of the home. I know one wholesaler who made $50k on a wholesale, but that is far from the norm. Usually you look at $2k to $5k.