Average Lifespan of Exxon Valdez Workers is (was) 51!!!

Is the cleanup more dangerous than the spill? Are the chemicals spewing from the well along with the oil causing a human disaster in the gulf? How many people will die in the coming years from this chemical exposure? One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t take a job cleaning up this spill!

Here’s a link:

More than we can imagine is being hidden.I know it has made some people sick being aroud it,I smelled it for a bit at the beach,kinda smells like diesel.Who knows the long term effects of breathing it daily.The dispersement is really bad (Britian banned it),and this staggering amount has never been used.

It’s a bad fix alot of people are in.They have to take whatever BP will give them for work.These are tough people who can deal with a catastrophe,as long as big govt will quit blocking them at every turn.Gotta wonder why,really.