Automated Phone system

I am looking for an automated phone system that will play my recorded message whenever a caller calls. Does anyone here use them and if so which one do you use?

Google voice! Its free. But, it takes like 5 rings for it to take them to voice mail. But you can record whatever number you want and search and pick a very memorable number one like 407-494-BUY4 for example. Anyway, thats what I use with my I BUY Houses recording.

Good one BradenMan,

I like that. Most buyers love to hear a live person pick up though. If you can afford it go and get a live operator. You will be spending anywhere between .80 - $1.20 a call, but they do all the screening for you.

What site uses live operators

I have used patlive but I hear there is another that is just as good and cheaper. Patlive charges about $80 - $90 per month and $1 per minute. I decided to save the money for now and take the calls myself.