authorization release form

I’m doing my first short sale where can I get this form from?

Hello ,
With all due respect,if you don’t know where or how to create this form ,how are you going to do the rest?I recommend you to get educated first then go for the short sale or other kind of investment.
I’m sorry but people that try to do this kind of investment without the proper knowledge and education,the only thing that they do is to make everything more difficult for the savvy investor

i agree with the previous answer but on the other hand don’t be discouraged…the fact that you even need an ATRI form means at least you got off your butt and did something which is more than most can say.

have googled it? “authorization to release information” or short sale forms or something.

you can even create one yourself using MS word or something similar. all it is is a simple form giving the lender authorization to release information about the loan to you.

heck you could even have the borrowers call the lender and verbally tell them it’s ok to release information to you. i always get the ATRI signed but I know people who’ve had the borrower call the lender and it works.