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Does anyone know what a authorization to release form is for when doing a short sale? I know that the bank wants it before they will talk to you. Is it to release information about the account to you or is to release the original borrower from the loan? Also where do you get this form or can it be a generally release form?

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It is a form that states that the owner is authorizing the bank to release information about the owner to you.

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It can be as simple as this:

I (borrower) hereby give written authority for you to release my loan information on loan number (xyz) to Jason.


Put name address and loan number on the request

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An Information Release Authorization is basically a piece of paper that you can type up yourself. Basically you’re asking the lender to release any/all loan information to you. Make sure you have your name, seller’s name(s), name of bank, loan number, and all signatures of the seller(s) and signed date.

Fax this form to the lender’s loss mitigation department and/or Foreclosure Dept.

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Here’s a link to download the form:

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here is the form you will be needing.

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