Austin seminar - Are you guys attending?

Hi All,
I was wondering If I would get to meet to any of the you guys during the seminar on November 23/24.
So anybody attending?

How about you Tim?

Happy Investing!!

Hi MK,

I will be attending the November seminar. I’m looking forward to hearing Diane Kennedy speak.

Hope to see you there.


I still haven’t decided. I may go.

I missed Conti speak at the CREO convention in March because I was too busy networking (yapping) with friends outside the seminar, but I had heard he had some good negotiating techniques.

I’m sure we only got a taste at the meeting on Tuesday. I don’t agree with what he appears to consider an acceptable spread on his keepers, but I’m always up for hearing negotiating techniques.

I just checked the link and the speakers have changed.

I’d like to see Finkel since I haven’t seen him yet. I’ve seen Dwan and Sharon a couple of times - no need to do that again. I’ve never heard of Burns; heard of Phillips, but haven’t seen him.

It appears Jeffrey Taylor (Mr. Landlord) has been added. If you haven’t seen him, you have to go. He’s an awesome speaker. I need to check into that because that changes the whole dynamic. Even though I’ve heard him, I could do it again.

Not sure who “Dan” from Wealth One is?

I’d say based on the new info it’s a definite value. Guess the only unknown at this point is family plans?

I think I’m gonna pass.

The low admission fee would suggest that it’s mostly going to be sales presentations for back-of-room sales and pie-in-sky best case scenario garbage.

After seeing Peter Conti at the club meeting last week… and knowing that he is one of the organizers… I’m highly skeptical. The guy had my bull$hit-o-meter going off the charts.

  • Adam.