Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth

Just a Few Questions:

I am looking to invest in SFR, 3/2 in these areas. Does anyone have any helpful hints as to the following:

What are the vacancy rates in these areas?

A Management Company?

Hard Money lender?

Lender or broker for permanent financing?

Are SFR rented quickly or does it take awhile because there are too many rentals?

How about an Apartment Association?

I am from California and wish to invest in some of Texas cities for 3-5 years and want to get the local perspective on the cities I have mentioned.

Thank you for your help!

You must have taken the Bruce Norris “Foreclosure Countdown” course in Riverside this past week? Seems like everyone is migrating to Texas now!

After researches the prices, reminds me of when I first started in California 10 years ago. If only we knew what our market was going to do. One thing that I do give Bruce credit for was his prediction on the “California Comeback”

See You In Texas!

Jeff Adam


Asking the vacancy rates in these cities makes about as much sense asking what price range of houses ($500 to $5,000,000). It depends on the area your are talking about. The range is probably about 0 to 80 percent (helpful right?). I would recommend that you get a management company in the neighborhood that you want to buy in. There are HMLs all over the place, but you really don’t want to use them for long term financing. Are you thinking about using them for rehab? Mortgage Brokers can be found in the phone book or through real estate offices. Good ones can be found as easily as bad ones, but the question is how do you determine which is which.

If you want to invest in these areas, you need to either:

  1. hop on a plane, come to the cities you want to invest in , rent a car, drive around, talk to real estate agents and management companies and other investors.


  1. locate an investor that is local that you can partner up with.


I belive that Bruce is right about Texas, It is my personal feeling that Denver is going to boom even larger they are estmating Denvers growth at 1.9 million over the next 5 years. With home vaules going up by 40% So I have bought 37 homes in the Denver area one of which I bought for 220,000 3 months ago and just got it appraised at 309,000.00… So I guess Im going to ride it out here and say Go BRONCOS!!!