Austin foreclosures

To the investors in Austin:

Are foreclosure notifications posted in one of our newspapers or is there some legal journal that I can pick up?


I am no longer in Austin, but the foreclosures should be listed in the Austin American Statesman (if I remember the name correctly) in the Sunday papers for the 3 weeks before the first Tuesday of the month.


It was my understanding - and I could be wrong - that foreclosure listings don’t have to be listed in the paper, and are only required to be posted at the county’s courthouse. Again, I could be wrong.


So do we have to physically go to the courthouse every day to look for foreclosures? Or does the county clerk have a listing that they keep updated? Even better, is this stuff on the county clerk’s website somewhere?

I have not been able to find the lists at the Travis County or Williamson County Clerk’s Office web sites yet. It would definately be nice, but I figure if they aren’t legally bound to do it, they won’t (or, at least, not in any hurry to do it). I know a cople of 3rd party vendors who will give you the list for a fee, but nothing as far as FREE goes. :frowning:

Howdy Drew:

Deed of trustee’s are not reqiured to advertise in the newspaper. They mainly have to post at the courthouse and mail notice to the property owner.

The sheriff or constable has to run ads for 3 weeks before they can sell real property.

There are also reporting companies that track the sales and the info is available on line. Here is the link for the one I use:

Hope his helps some.

Has anybody tried It’s FREE but I don’t know how good/useful/relevant it is. It gives a list of notice of trustee sales for each month’s auction. Just found the website yesterday.



Hi everyone. The Travis county website always has the most up to date tax foreclosure listings on it. Go to: and on the home page…go to the bottom right, and you’ll see “Tax Foreclosures”…click on this…and there you go. Good luck.

TaxLienQueen :slight_smile: