Austin comps online?

Just wondering if anybody has found a decent site that would help. I think we’re a non-disclosure state, and when I checked domania, I got nada.

Try and enter Zip only.

Your right…

Texas is a nondisclosure state…

A bunch of the internet sites were trying to do the comp thing…

But, most were far from accurate…

David Alexander


I was curious too about online comps and tried and got the following

There is an error.
You have requested a search in a non-disclosure state where home sale prices are not available to the public.

I tried the zip only for 78721 in East Austin and came back with stuff in West Austin not even near my rent house.

That site is no good for me at least in East Austin. Hope other members can help

Good luck and thank you,
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Well, Ok. If you guys haven’t found it then I’m not alone. Access to MLS seems to be the only way to get a true comp. I guess that’s not a big deal, once you’ve landed a good agent, which I haven’t.

This may help some…

Hi all,

From my limited experience trying to get comps myself from online sources (I haven’t done any deals yet though I am looking to !) this is what I have learned:

The Travis County Appraisal District website lists property appraisals for tax purposes online. On average the appraisal on the website seems to be 10% or so under market value. This is what I have learnt from looking at classified ads, picking up flyers etc. for asking prices for homes.

Tim, Ted & others can probably comment on my observation.



Once you start looking at quite a few houses… you’ll be able to pin point values most of the time… pretty quickly…

The Tax appraisal is not a good value indicator… In the dallas area… they used to be about 10% below… on houses in the price range… of 70 - 120k… below 70k they were ussually off by 25% or more… and above 120k… they were usually on…

Nowadays… they are often too high… on everything with the pullback… of the econonomy…

The only real indicator is past sales… in other words… what the market is willing to pay…