Austin Bandit Sign Fines...


Ole Judy called today from Austin’s Zoning Department and told me that she was filing charges against me for my 18"x24"signs being placed around town in the city’s ROW.

I asked her if Brewster McCracken and Will Wynn were also facing the same charges for their signs being in some of the same areas as mine. (no response)

She threatened to have me arrested. :zzz

Does anyone know what the fines are in Austin for bandit sign violations?

If nothing else, my conversation with her convinced me that I am glad I do what I do for a living, and that I don’t collect a governemnt paycheck.




My guess is that this person doesn’t even work for the city. Did you capture her number?

She’s probably just a tree hugging hippie wannabe Austinite just trying to scare you. :bs

The republican party filed an injunction last November that prevented anyone from removing signs. They cited that it’s a violation of free speech. That’s why the election signs don’t get bothered. However, the ruling on that case should set precedence for bandit signs as well.

I don’t know what happened to the case. It would be worth a few phone calls to find out.

Dare I ask how man signs do you put out in a clip scott? Unless they have proof that you are putting the signs out, they have a pretty weak case. It’s their word versus your. A cop can’t write you a speeding ticket unless he or she has “proof” that you were speeding right? This should be no different. How can they prove that you were the one who actually put out the signs? Austin is a very liberal place. If I lived in Austin, I would tell Judy that I would make it my life mission to make sure every freaking polar bear choke off my congregated plastic signs in her honor! :evil