Hi all…does anyone use a auction company to sell any properties?
if so would you recomend it to others?


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Here is an article showing how auctions are working. What happens at Auction is the property sells for Fair Market Value, or in plain words, the property sells for the highest price taking in all market conditions relating to a fair sale. We all understand that properties are declining in value for the most part, the Auction Method of selling or buying pretty much brings what the property is really worth.

Yes, I use the Auction Method. However, I only use Professional Auctioneers who understand how to properly market the property prior to Auction.

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anybody ever try selling property on e-bay…you can set the reserver minimum so you really have nothing to lose. I have heard of people doing this.


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The power of using eBay and a live Auction simultaneously works very well.

There is also who specializes in live and on line Auctions.

You can set a Reserve for the Auction or sell it Absolute, the Absolute Auction will draw higher attendance and in most cases had proven to sell the property for a higher price.

A very good site where Professional Auctioneers will answer your Auction questions is

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