auction tomorrow and owner's things not all out of house?

I have a homeowner in Maryland whose house is going to auction tomorrow. He doesn’t have all of his things moved out. He said he needs another week. Will he be able to do this? I thought a sheriff comes and puts a lock on the door?

Can someone let me know?


He has time to get his stuff out. I had similar situation and the lender (countrywide) told me it would take about week or two till they get to it.

If you are the high bidder, don’t antonagize tenants. Offer to help.

In purchased one DEC 5th at sheriff sale and They JUST got evicted TODAY. In IL the sale has to be confirmed by the judge (3-4 weeks) then IF the house is still occupied YOU have to evict them!!!(another 30 days) Just my experience here in IL, I’m sure every state is different.

The answer may also depend on exactly where in MD the auction is taking place…for example Baltimore City is very different than Baltimore County.

I agree with hamp33 that it would be nice to help him out if he is concerned about the door being locked.

What does “I have a homeowner mean” anyway?

I have a homeowner meaning I have a homeowner I am working with. I was trying to help him by doing a short sale. It was unsuccessful. We sent in a complete short sale package and Option One loss mits never ever returned our calls/faxes or answered the phone when we called. Cust Service said they needed 30- 60 days to do a short sale. Problem is it can take as little as 16 days in MD to foreclose on a house.


You should submit the package again. If you’re not sure the fax is going through, send your package by return receipt mail or FedEx with trackable signature. Customer service is wrong about needing 30-60 days. You can start negotiating a short sale even if the homeowner is current on the payments. If you feel foreclosure is imminent, have the homeowner consult with a bankruptcy attorney and then include his card as well as a “thanks for considering me for your bankruptcy” letter in the short sale package.