Auction Listings on RealtyTrac

I have some questions about the auctions posted on realtytrac. Has anybody ever attended one of these? When I called up one of the contact #s I was told that the house listed was being auctioned off because the owner had not paid their association fees. She also said that the house may have other liens on it but that I’d have to goto a title company and research it myself.

If I attend the auction will that info be provided for me on location or do I have to do the legwork? Also, If I went ahead and won an auction without doing the title research, would I be stuck having to buy the house if I find out the next week that it has a ton of other liens on it?


Unless you have alot of money in the form of cash or cashiers checks I would suggest not going to these auctions.

Send a letter to the home offering your services BEFORE the auction and get a sale BEFORE anyone else competes on it.


THEN when you have money go for auctions, but no successful investor even bothers.